Given that social media is becoming firmly entrenched in our culture, social signaling has began to impact SEO substantially. From helping Google fine tune search results to inspiring user faith in services, social signals are an important metric for marketers.

Social Signal offers training; resources and advice that help you develop the strategic insight, technical skills and business knowledge for social media marketing success.

Facebook Shares

We are going to provide you with all the Facebook services that are going to prove very beneficial for your business or company. Facebook is the best platform to provide your website with a cost free advertising. You will be able to enjoy all the attention from all sorts of users. It will even help you to increase your website traffic.

  • Profile Creation

We will create a Facebook account for you. This account will be completely set up and designed for your business. This account is going to define your business in a proper way so your target audience is not bothered to get complete information about your business.

  • Timeline Cover

We are going to create an attractive timeline cover picture for your account. We will keep a good eye on the fact that your business should not be including duplicate things from internet. We are going to provide you with unique stuff for your business.

  • Page

We will give you A Facebook page defining your business in a proper manner. This Facebook page will be representing your business and attracting users for your business. It is important to show your clients how serious and devoted you are to your business, so they can trust on you with their business.

  • Likes

We will also provide you with Facebook likes on your business page so that you page is able to gain more and more popularity. These likes are going to show your users how popular your business is in your business niche market.

Twitter Shares

Twitter is a social networking website and like Facebook, it is very famous among the internet users. This is a very effective way to increase traffic and provide awareness about your business to your users.

  • Profile Creation

We are going to create an attractive account for your business so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the social media websites as well. This account will be completely setup with your business information.

  • Background Cover

We are going to create an attractive background cover image for your twitter business page. This background cover page will be for your business page and it will be created by our creative design team. This means we are going to provide you with a unique image for your business page background cover image.

  • Followers

When we create your Twitter page, we are also going to provide you Twitter followers. These followers you can enjoy only if you buy package 5. We are going to give you 500 followers. This is going to help you to have a good reputation over the twitter target audience that your product or business is much popular among people and you are definitely trustworthy.

Google +1

You all must have heard about Google’s social media website Google +. It is a great place to make a presence for your business and get more and more followers and fans. You will it same as Facebook and Twitter but with features entirely different. This profile will provide you with a number of options of market your product among people who can do great business with you.

  • Google + Profile

We will provide you with a completely set up Google + profile having the complete information and details about your business. Your profile is going to be the perfect definition for your business, so your target audience can reach up for you without facing any difficulties.

  • Google + Page

Once we have created your profile on Google+, now it is the turn for your Business Page on Google+. Like all the other business pages on different social media sites, this page is going to be representing your business to your clients and bringing more and more client towards your business.

  • Page Cover

We will give you a page cover on Google+ business page. This page cover is going to attractive and related to your niche. This page cover is going to be designed by our team of designer to make sure your business is being explained well to the customers.

  • +1

We are going to give you the +1s on your Google+ business page. Like all other social media sites, this is going to increase your popularity among different people whom you are trying to impress or give awareness regarding your business. This is a complete plan to help you bring your business on the top.

Pinterest Pins

Because Pinterest is a massive social network, the domain authority is excellent. Every image pinned to a Board has a link back to its original published source. These are valuable backlinks and can provide referral traffic as well.
Consequently, it will be indexed constantly by search engines. The more items people post on their boards that link to your website, the more your site will benefit not only from traffic but possibly (no guarantee) from rank quality scores too.


Delicious is a fantastic way to increase the amount of traffic that your website gets. The key to this is writing engaging content that readers will bookmark and want to share with their friends. The more popular a webpage becomes the more links it will receive from other websites in time.


Perhaps they want to keep a blog of moments captured on the camera phone, or maybe they would like to show off their finest pictures or video to the whole world in a bid for web celebrity. Or possibly they want to securely and privately share photos of their young ones with their family across the country. Flickr makes each one of these things possible and more!

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